What does growing up mean for Generation Z, and how do young people portray themselves? Performing Adulthood is a photography and video project about young people between the ages of 16 and 24. This project provides a glimpse into the world of this generation and it prompts us to think about the self-image of young people, for whom the presence of cameras has become ubiquitous. In a society where visual representations are more important than ever, this project poses the question: what do we show and what would we rather keep hidden? How do others see us and how much control do we actually have over it? Performing Adulthood shows the abrasive, inquisitive and sometimes uncomfortable moments that shape our perception of adulthood, representation and identity. It is about looking and being seen, about hiding and revealing. About presenting yourself, and how this sometimes fails.

Want to see the full videos? Email me for a link.

This project is a collaboration with the University of Groningen and Noorderlicht and supported by Mondriaan Fund. Performing Adulthood was exhibited at Noorderlicht Studio (2022), ART Rotterdam (2022) and Melkweg Expo (2023).

Solo xhibition ‘Performing Adulthood’ at Noorderlicht Studio (2022).

Solo exhibition ‘Performing Adulthood’ at Melkweg Expo (2023).

Want to see the full videos? E-mail for a link.